Erika Nygard (Munro)

photo of Erika Nygard Erika Nygard (Munro)

Student of Kent State University School of Library
and Information Science

Librarian at Warwick Community School

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Martial Arts Weapons of Hapkido and Kuhapdo Letters by Murdoch Munro WW1 'Die Flucht'
image of Kuhapdo digital library
A mini digital library of some martial arts weaponry. Experimental, and created using Google Classic Sites
photo of Mary and Dodo hunting
A collection of letters sent to his sister from the trenches in France during WWI
Photo of Hedwig Sporys 1939
'Die Flucht' by Hedwig Sporys 1945

A book my grandmother wrote of her family's experiences with the expulsion of Germans living in Poland during WWII