Erika Nygard (Munro)

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I live in northern central Massachusetts with my husband and two children. I have lived here since 2000, but was born in Edinburgh Scotland. I spent 5 years of my early years living in Leimen, near Heidelberg, Germany. Growing up in Edinburgh, I have been greatly influenced by the arts and festivals there, the museums and galleries, the lively culture and life. I also fell in love with the rural highlands of Scotland, in particular the beautiful area surrounding Loch Broom and Ullapool. I am currently a student at Kent State University studying for a Masters Degree in Library and Information Science, with specializations in digital initiatives. You can see examples of my projects and work on this site. So why Lodgepunk? You may have noticed my URL defaults to Don't panic! This is perhaps best explained as my alter ego from previous years living in Edinburgh at a house we all call The Lodge! The lodgepunk domain predates, and I am simply attempting for a more professional looking URL at times!

About me...

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I am from Edinburgh, Scotland, and
have lived in Massachusetts for about 17 years.
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I am passionate about access to information
and intellectual freedom!
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I am a black belt in taekwondo, and
practice an ancient sword art called 'kuhapdo'!