Erika Nygard (Munro)


This is a repository of some of my work: Some from past coursework, some from past web development projects, some current work, and some ongoing "to do" projects. Feel free to browse around.

  • image of Murdoch Munro in 1941Letters by Murdoch Munro - WWI
  • Protege Project - basic MLIS ontology
  • basic protege ontologybasic protege ontologybasic protege ontology

    These images represent the ontology I built using Protege v3.5. This ontology was exported as HTML and viewed through a browser. I will aim to upload this file asap so this too can be viewed here.Finally a visualization was created of the ontology using OWLGrEd a graphical OWL (web ontology language) ontology editor.

  • Knowledge Organizations Systems - Linked Open Data
  • photo of my first gephi graph

    My first Gephi graph! For now you will have to right click to view image. Will improve this asap. The data came from the Union List of Artist Names (browse the hierarchies!). A CSV file was acquired of semantic relationships of Frank Lloyd Wright. Will add more (and improved) graphs when possible!

  • Digital Library/Mini-collection - Martial Arts Weapons of Hapkido and Kuhapdo
  • image of Kuhapdo digital library
    A mini digital library of some martial arts weaponry. Experimental, and created using Google Classic Sites

  • 'Die Flucht' by Hedwig Sporys- 1945